Happy Holidays Bar Fuck


Will Havoc and Yasmin Lee are in a bar, getting some drinks before they go their separate ways for a night of family fighting over the holidays. Will is only in town for the night, presenting a perfect opportunity for an amazing pre-dinner fuck.

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Cocky Rookie Athlete Gets Anal-Creamed


Venus Lux is a PR manager for a rookie pro athlete who needs some coaching on how to shut his yapper when speaking in front of the camera. Venus has tried everything, from roleplay to having him wear an earpiece, but nothing seems to be working. Since his mouth won’t stay shut, she figures she’ll fill it with her hard, throbbing cock.

At first, the rookie is taken back, but his hard shaft proves he’s ready for learning how to fuck and take it in the ass. Venus teaches him how to suck cock properly and then lets him do the fucking so he can get a proper training. However, she likes to dominate and decides to blow her load inside his ass, leaving her cum leaking out of him for several seconds.

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Cum Load Yasmin

Marcus falls from grace right into the clutches of super horny, hottie, Yasmin Lee. There is NO stopping Yasmin and she fucks like a wild beast. Right from the start, Yasmin has Marcus pinned and is nailing his ass. She cums a massive load all over his face and when the chains come to bind him to hell forever, he does little to resist. For if every night is like this night, hell doesn’t look so bad.

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Sucking Siblings


Aubrey’s new the creepy stepbrother, Kam is constantly making passes at her. She fights off his advances pretending to be grossed out by the idea of fucking him. The tension mounts as they both get closer and closer to doing what is taboo.

Both their cocks swell and tingle as they slip closer and closer together on the couch. Kam has spied on Aubrey in the shower, he knows she has a cock and he wants to taste it. He wants to feel it grow in his mouth.

She knows that Kam is an ass virgin and he is definitely going to be in over his head when she pushes her hard cock up his ass.

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Three’s Company


Beretta is in the middle of her FuckingMachines shoot when her jealous boyfriend bursts on to set. Everyone is ready to punch this guy out of the building but Beretta manages to calm everyone down and get her man, quietly off set. She makes him wait in the set next door until she is done. When Vaniity walks in and mistakes him for her scene partner, he plays along thinking he might as well get his cock sucked a little since his girlfriend will not listen to him and quit porn.
Small problem with this horny logic. Vaniity thinks he is her scene partner which means an ass fucking for him with her big cock. Beretta walks in at the perfect moment to see her man loving a little head from Vaniity and she gets the rope.

Tyler is tied to the bed and his girlfriend is pissed and the hot stranger lady is rubbing her throbbing cock between his ass cheeks looking from the tight virgin hole to fuck. So tight his hole, his man pussy is just puckered shut until Vaniity slips her cock deep inside him and works him open.

Beretta is LOVING this moment, she crushes him into the mattress and lets Vaniity fuck her pussy and ass while he lays there listening and feeling nothing but the weight of humiliation on his back..

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TS Seduction videos

Our TS Seduction videos are here! They ALWAYS find out and once they discover they’ve got 2 options: divorce you or maybe own you. After they choose to keep you, they contact The Spouse Club to terrify the living out from you. Jenna doesn’t lose  time and while she is hard and slipping her huge cock into and out of your butt, she could tell all of your lies. Jenna use your cum as lubricant and once she is finished screwing your sloppy butt, she empties her load from the condom and shoves the entire mess back up your ass.


Ts Seduction free movies

Ts Seduction free movies right here! It’s Mia’s birthday and we’re enjoying it with Ty bound to the bed, in the dungeon, using a cake on the serving tray that is placed on his butt and a glass of bubbly that’s placed on a gag on his mouth, he became a human tray. Today is his lucky day, because as you can see in the video,  he’s getting a rough ass pounding from this hottie!

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TS Seduction hardcore action

TS Seduction Jayla Marie is an attractive, naughty lady with an enormous dick, requesting oral control. Once your guy cheats and you don’t wish to leave him, but you do not want him to continue his filthy methods, there exists a group of extremely subtle, secret society ladies who can screw him up. The Wives Club sets your guy right  after banging, sucking and milking his cum out of his protesting body. You might think being disciplined with sex isn’t any punishment whatsoever – but reconsider.

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Shoving time in the shower

She is the newest TsSeduction chick and she does not take "no" or "stop" for a answer. Adriana seduces her man inside a locker room. Henry is actually serious that he’s not having sex till after the playoffs. That seems like "bla bla, please bang me, bla bla" to Adriana, so she storms in the showers and puts Henry on his knees. Precisely at butt level, his tongue jumping into her tight ass, he can not resist the attraction to get all the way up. When horny Ts Seduction Adriana turns around and shows Henry, what he didn’t know his honey had! He pounces on her dick and takes it into his filthy mouth. Sex during this revise is amazing, however the cum shots all over the butt at the end are definitely great.

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TsSeduction – Vaniity

TsSeduction hot scenes are back, so stay tunes and enjoy! Jack sits there looking in the judges eyes and pleading with his purity along with good looks. Vaniity tells about his stingy reasons which he was jerking off when he was driving. Vaniity made him admit again and again until her dick is tough under her robe. TS Seduction hottie is aware of the way to offer justice and she does this with Jack’s butt. But simply because Jack is eager with his mouth does not mean he will take it by using his body. Vaniity is exhausted by his loss of ass banging experience and simply cums on his face. Nice one isn’t it?

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